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That’s Clean

Many people in the UK pay regular attention to their windows and have them cleaned regularly. but tend not to think too much about the exterior of the property other than the garden area.

In Spring time it’s common to see a general effort being made to paint weathered areas of the property, it makes sense to add driveway and exterior cleaning to the list of jobs to do in the spring season.



Using the Thats Clean services will make a dramatic difference to the overall look and feel of your property.

It’s cost effective and if you are thinking of selling or renting out the house in the future it is a must.

We are a fast, friendly and efficient team with a no mess, no fuss approach, bringing back dirty and tired looking driveways and house elevations to their former glory.

If you want to enhance and protect your driveway, we offer a full bonding and sealing service to protect the driveway once the clean is completed.

This will help to bond the sand/cement into place, protect the driveway from any further fungal growth and help to inhibit any further weed growth for up to two years.

We are a professional, fully insured business, with public liability insurance.

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